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lated to shoes. A runner may train more, execute a better strategy on race da

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07 Oct 2018  

In Houston, Mr. Kasin improved on his Boston time by about 18 minutes, an improvement owing to much more than a pair of shoes. He attributed his result, a 2:56:00, to many things: perfect weather, a fast course and the culmination of two consecutive years of a training regimen that included, on average, about 50 miles of running per week. But Adidas NMD Femme he said he also thought the Nike Air Max Tavas Mujer Nike Air Max 2017 Womens shoes made a difference.“Everything Nike Air Vapormax Womens aligned, and then you throw that shoe on top of it,” he said. “The pace felt so easy that you felt like questioning: What’s going on here? When is it not going to feel easy?”Mr. Kasin is a single data point, but in our data there are almost 4,000 runners just like him — men and women who have uploaded results for five marathons or more. When we aggregate the change in race times for runners the first time they switch to a new pair of shoes, runners who switched to Vaporflys improved their times more than runners who switched to any other kind of popular shoe.Race times are, in many ways, a crude way to measure performance. A marathon is not like a 400-meter dash or a 100-meter freestyle swim: One marathon may be hilly or feature sharp turns; others may be flat and straight.

And yet race times Nike Air Huarache Femme are how runners qualify for prestigious races, like the Boston Marathon, and most runners know their personal best times by heart, regardless of whether the race they ran was flat or hilly, on a hot day or a cold one.We can follow the runners in our data with this measure in mind, testing whether a runner’s fastest time is more likely when he or she switches to the Vaporflys, or any other kind of shoe.Consider two fast runners in our data: Stephanie Andre, 35, a freelance writer from Bixby, Okla., and Amanda Hicks, 34, a product director in Washington, D.C. Both women have uploaded several marathons to Strava and both switched to the Vaporflys for a recent marathon. Mrs. Andre ran the 2017 Chicago Marathon and Ms. Hicks the 2018 Boston Marathon.By objective standards, both women had excellent races. Mrs. Andre Nike Air Presto Womens placed 22nd among Nike Air Max 90 Womens women Nike Roshe Run Femme in Chicago with a 2:41:50, fast enough to qualify for the 2020 U.S. Olympic team trials, and Ms. Hicks finished in Boston with a 3:15:31, among the top 5 percent of all female finishers that day.

Here are the two women’s marathon race histories as they appear in our data, with races in the Vaporflys highlighted:Someone can run a personal best for all kinds of reasons unrelated to shoes. A runner may train more, execute a better strategy on race day or run an easier course. Regardless, we found that runners who switched to Vaporflys were more likely to run their fastest race than runners who switched to almost any other kind of popular shoe.None of these approaches are perfect, but they all point to a similar conclusion. Wherever we look for evidence that shoes matter in a marathon or half marathon, we find Vaporflys at or Adidas Superstar Femme near Adidas Superstar Femme the Nike Air Max 90 Femme top of Adidas Superstar Womens that list. More than that, the shoes tend to be outliers among all popular shoes, suggesting that there is something happening in races with Vaporflys that is not happening in races with nearly any other kind of popular shoe.Nothing is certain, of course, and we describe some reasons for continued skepticism below. But from our perspective, the most honest answer we can give to the question “Do Vaporflys really make runners faster?” is a qualified yes.

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