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Why is it so hard to find a job?

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10 Mar 2018  


I'm currently doing my Diploma in Community Services (Case Management) because I finally found an interest in the field. I did work as a Disability Support Worker that paid well for a year and they unfortunately terminated my employment because they wanted someone who can do more hours than I do, I tried arguing that it is also because I am a full-time student but it seemed like the admin person just had something to say which really pissed me off. I tried so hard looking for a job in the field, maybe something other than a support worker again, just want to try something different but why the hell is it so hard to look for a job? Out of the 60 jobs I applied for online, all I'm receiving are rejections because I'm not "experienced" enough. Well how can you expect someone to be "experienced" if you can't even give them an experience to do?

Please help.

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