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I'm really fickle, HSP?

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Usually the theme is the same in the flat in order to create that sense of flow and usually any kind of litter anywhere around the apartment blocks my brains. I hear HSP have an ability sense people strongly as trustworthy or lying or hiding something and tho I dont have a point where I can refer to cause I've never been anyone else I think I do that as well. Usually when there are serious evil people in the presence I can sense them. Its just so funny that cause I didnt know this before I never did it cause nobody told me I can do that, but yeah can see a lie by a mile. In away everything radiates this kinda emotions and feels so I love walking around old churches or old towns cause they make just feel so glad and relaxed like a piece of mind. The same goes for Facebook I always delete my old statuses cause I just don't feel that feel radiaiting from it so I discard it cause now I feel like I'm conflicting with old self. Also what else I have an urgency or a must to please other people cause I tend to suck affection and effects easily that I blend into the background easily in real life and my personal needs in away channel into these people by their needs where I tell only these opinions to this person cause I dont want to conflict. I suck affection so eadily that the voice in my head might change to the main screenplay only cause I watched the movie.

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